Callow came to us following a dominance fight but is a very kind natured Wolf who lives harmoniously with Pepe.

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She was our youngest wolf (until the arrival of Anja last year) born around 2007 at the West Midlands Safari Park. Callow came to live at Wolf Watch in 2010.

Callow is a beautiful animal who had been involved in dominance fights with other members of her pack. As a result of her injuries she was placed in isolation for 4 months before she came here.
The most extraordinary thing about Callow is that on the day of her arrival we were able to confidently enter her enclosure and after a few minutes she approached and gently took biscuits from our hand. This behaviour from a non-socialised wolf – and particularly from a safari park – is a definite first.

Callow’s circumstances of confinement and close proximity to humans over an extended period may have served to reduce her flight instinct in relation to humans, and made her more willing to accept food from them.

The amiable relationship Callow initially formed with Pepe and Poppy changed dramatically as breeding season approached and hormonal levels became less stable. The result of this canine courtship was that Callow won the effection of Pepe and Poppy was “ousted” to the spare enclosure next door to avoid possible injury.

To this day, Callow and Pepe have developed a close bond and live harmoniously in their enclosure together.

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