Poppy is the shy girl at Wolf Watch, a small wolf with an almost pure white coat. Poppy loves paddling in her stream and has even been known to enjoy a spot of fishing.

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Poppy is the shy girl at Wolf Watch. She arrived in November 2010 at the age of your from West Midlands Safari Park following a dominance fight with other members in her pack. It appears what she came off second best in the skirmish and suffered injuries to her head and back which subsequently healed and left little evidence of their existence.

Initially she was paired up with Pepe, but later after the introduction of Callow to the group the relationship failed and after several attempts at appropriate times to resettle her, it was decides it was in her best interests to be separated until another option presented itself.

Getting close to Poppy is not easy. Whilst her ‘flight instinct’ has been reduced due to captivity, for reasons unknown she will approach closer to women rather than men, but even then it’s a slow process with a high degree of caution exercised with every footfall.

Consequently most observations have been conducted at a distance using binoculars which revealed that her time seemed to be divided between the interaction with the wolves either side of her environment and paddling in the stream that travels through her enclosure. The latter appears to include a spot of fishing and disturbing the pebbles on the stream bed to explore what lies beneath.

Our shy girl has often been described as similar to a small Arctic wolf due to her almost pure white coat which over the years has lost all traces of the dark saddle markings across her back.

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